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The '162' Smiling Faces at the 1954-1955 Kinglake West Camp


The Jabotinsky Institute acknowledges ''Betar Australia - A Personal History''


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(updated June 7, 2015)


171 Remembering Benzion: Many years have passed since the premature death of a Melbourne Betari, Benzion  Eisikovich. His sister Varda gives us some background about Benzion.


 "Benzion was in Israel with his wife and five children.  It was while he was in Israel that it was detected  that he had brain tumour.  He died September 15,1993 at the age of 53 in Melbourne after approx. 24 years  (of) suffering from  (the) repeated growth of the brain tumour.  He left behind three sons and two daughters."

Thank you, Varda, for providing this information which may have been unknown for many of us.


170 Article by John Goldlust: 'A Case Study in Cultural Amnesia' was recently researched and published by John. It's full title "A DIFFERENT SILENCE: THE SURVIVAL OF MORE THAN 200,000 POLISH JEWS IN THE SOVIET UNION DURING WORLD WAR II AS A CASE STUDY IN CULTURAL AMNESIA can be downloaded from here:  A Different Silence.pdf.


169 Survivors' Get Together in Israel: Peter Keeda writes: "At one of our regular survivors’ dinners In April 2014, it was decided that we would have a dinner in Israel in April 2015. The usual format is men-only but for this special occasion spouses were also invited. We did not regret it … The wheels were set in motion and, lo and behold, on 18 April 2015 there was a gathering in Tel Aviv at Fitzroy (in the Gordon Hotel) for a sumptuous evening meal overlooking the Tel Aviv shoreline. Read the entire article here.


168 Some photos from Jessey: Jessey Palumbo (Rosmarin) recently visited Oz. She has posted some of them here. During her time there she attended John Goldlust's 70th birthday celebration. Happy birthday, John.


167 Aussie Betar Get-Together: Twenty old mates from Down Under gathered at the Goldstein's  beautiful & spacious home for a delicious lunch, conviviality & a wonderful afternoon. Solly entertained us with his more than proficient playing of music by the maestros on his beautiful grand piano. And we enjoyed being together & seeing old mates immensely. Everyone looked happy & well, which was good to see. After a scrumptious Arvo-tea, we made our farewells & Miriam promised she'd have the next "Get- Together" in August!!"

From Miriam: "Great to be with you all guys, hope we'll have a "get-together" at my home in August, sometime between 15th to 25th, I'll be in touch on my return to Israel. Bye for now & have a happy & healthy two months, love Miriam."

See Miriam Briggs' photo album: Aussie Betar Get-Together at the home of Rosalie & Solly Goldstein in Hod HaSharon--23/5/2015.


166 Photos requested: Mervyn Doobov is requesting help from anyone who has specific photos of his late wife Sue (Gans). Here is an extract:
"My late wife, whose name was then Suzanne Gans, attended the Machon in 1961, in the South Machzor (she was from Brisbane, Australia). She was in Israel from February 1961 to end-September (as she had to return home to her dying father).
I would like to find some photos of her during that period as I am putting together some papers for our children and grand-children about that part of her life. I have only one such picture (a not very good one).
[Another Machonik of the time was Maisie from South Africa - her family name may have been Lofter].
Mervyn Doobov".


65 Bob Sitsky book: Bob and Larry Sitsky were  born and grew up in Harbin, China. Bob's book details his family's travels and history which he published specifically for his and Larry's grandchildren and the generations that follow. Included is their history with Betar and are many photos both of their family and the Betar membership.

He has made is work available at no charge to those interested. Use the link to download the complete text.Growing Up in Tientsin, Complete Text (28.8 MB).

From Bob: "However, you may prefer to use this link :

[The above] is a Jewish-Genealogy/Harbin website which covers Jews who lived in the north of China. I have written the book primarily for the family – it was never my intention to make $ out of it. I only have printed 50 hard copies – mainly for the family + those people who lived in Tientsin. So I only have a few copies left for people to buy – the cost is $40 plus postage (which would be around $30 to USA or Europe)".


164 Rodney Gouttman book: Rodney recently published a new book entitled: ‘In Their Merit – Australian Jewry and WWI’ which delves deep into Australian Jewry’s role during World War I. See the review and purchasing options at


163 Deaths reported: Two Betarim have passed in the last few months. Alexander Lenko died on November 2, 2014 aged 66 years. Max Wekselman passed on December 4, 2014 aged 67 years.


162 Glencoe Film Club -  updated.



161 Glencoe Film Club -  updated.


160  Betar's 90th and Maon opening Celebration - Melbourne.  More photos of the event earlier this month as provided by Tamir Aloni. The photos can be seen here.


159  Sid Agranoff comments:

"[In article] #156 [below], Shim is quoted as saying that I came to Australia from China. This is not strictly true. My parents together with my brother and sister arrived in Sydney from Harbin early in 1938. I was born three years later in Sydney.

My parents’ history is quite interesting. There was a strong Betar movement in Harbin in the years prior to 1938 and perhaps beyond. There was a great number of White Russians in Harbin who had escaped the Russian revolution. They were essentially still royalists, loyal to the Tsar (who was killed by the communists earlier) and they were mostly strongly anti-Semitic. It was Betar who protected the Jewish community. My brother, although quite young, (he was 14 when he came to Australia) was a member of Betar together with Boris Shteinman (he changed his name to Bob in Australia). They were frequently fighting Russian kids even at that young age.

In 1933, the Japanese invaded Manchuria of which Harbin was the capital, and life became increasingly difficult. In 1937, my father was arrested on some trumped up charge and it took a big bribe to get him out. That was when he decided the family had to leave Harbin.

My father wanted to go to Russia or America but could not get visas. It was lucky he didn’t go to Russia. Stalin either murdered returning Russians or incarcerated them in Siberia as Japanese spies. He could get a visa to Australia, and that is why I am here." --Sid Agranoff


158  Nostalgia reigns!  In 2000, John Goldlust and I created a CD-ROM which contained many of the memories we had of Betar in the 'early days'. Due to the technology of the time - low bandwidth and the state of the computer evolution - the CD was the only practical way there was of distributing this amount of  information. Times have changed a lot since then and broadband is available to many if not all of us. With that in mind, we now give you the opportunity to access the CD-ROM on-line. Check it out here or click on the left pane links The Past; and then Camp Summary. - Harry


157 Betar Australia - the Evlution of a Zionist Youth Movement by Shimshon Feder and Jack Mirjam. Originally included in the CD-ROM we published in 2001, we now make it available on our website. It is particularly important now to set the record straight about the origins of Betar in the light of inaccuracies which appear elsewhere. Download the .pdf file here. This paper has been copyrighted by the authors.


156 Can you trust Wikipedia? In a reference to the establishment of Betar in Australia, the article claimed that Betar Australia was born in Sydney in 1924. There are no references quoted nor was the author identified.

Shimshon Feder, one of the earliest members of Betar in Melbourne, a past Betar Shaliach and author of a paper with Jack Mirjam on Betar Australia's history, comments on the Wikipedia article:

"The information it seems was submitted by someone from the US or Canada. The style and syntax leaves much to be desired, erroneous and incomplete. Much of the material is unimportant or irrelevant to the Development of Betar as a youth movement. There was no Betar anywhere in Australia in 1924, the earliest being in Melbourne during the late 1930s (Sam Parasol's father). Even After Riga in 1923, it took several years to develop in Poland and other eastern European countries. The China element in Australia Betar after Mao take over in 1948 came to Sydney and not Melbourne. And Among others included Hans Dreyer, Bob Shteinman, Larry Sitsky, Alex Auswaks, Leo Rogovin, Sid Agranoff."


155 Betar's 90th and Maon opening Celebration - Melbourne. 

Melbourne celebrated Betar's 90th anniversary and the opening of its new Maon on April 6, 2014 in South Caulfield. In attendance were Neriyah Meir MK, David Southwick MP, and serving and past Rosh Hanhagah Artzits.  An article by Avi Feldman and photos submitted by Avi and Tamir Aloni can be found here. Quite a few 'vintage' Betarim also attended and are identified (hopefully all of them) by Aaron.


154 Glencoe Film Club -  updated.


153 The History of Zionist youth Movements in Australia - Jonathan Ari Lander. Several Betarim were interviewed for Lander's thesis back in 2007. Aaron found his dissertation recently out on the UNSW website. Although rather lengthy, it is quite interesting reading. He references about 8 of us as well as articles and illustrations from this website. Link to this and download the whole.pdf file in the link list on the right.


152 Betar Reunion in Melbourne: (From Frends of Likud Parents and Friends of Betar (Vic) Betar Melbourne):

"We are excited to call upon Betarim of all ages to join us for a Betar reunion to celebrate 90 years of the movement in Australia! We are keen to make this an event for all the ages and as such invite you to share this information with any other Betari that you know. Please email with scanned photos from your time in Betar and many of them will be included in a video presentation on the day, “90 years of Betar in Australia”. Please indicate the year the photo was taken so we can arrange the video in chronological order. We would appreciate if as many of you can RSVP as soon as possible so we can cater adequately for this event. We look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday April 6th at 3:30pm at the new Betar Maoz in Maple Street, South Caulfield."

For further information -


151  Betar's 90th in Sydney:

(From Parents & Friends of Betar Sydney Inc. email): October 2013 saw some 260 parents and friends of Betar celebrate Betar's 90 years. A great time was had reconnecting, sharing memories and recognizing the great opportunities that Betar provided us in developing lifelong friendships and skills. The photos of the event can be seen here. Also, Miriam Briggs' slideshow can be seen here.




150  Ena Shaw forwarded her sister's eulogy. Mary Enk (Shaw) passed away on June 11 in Melbourne.

149  Glencoe Film Club -  updated.

148 Sorry to report: Elisabeth Wynhausen passed away on September 12, 2013. Her funeral was held on September 12 in the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park. She is survived by her family - niece Gabi and nephew Jesse, their partners and children - by friends, by colleagues of the past 45 years, and by her writing. Just before she died she placed the best of it on  . Her obit was published in the Sydney Morning Herald and is repeated here.

147  Alex Auswaks' headstone unveiled in Israel - photograph forwarded by John Ziegler.

146 Betar's 90th anniversary. Tickets available for the Sydney event at:  

145  Identities revealed. Photograph 11 in 'The Past' 1965 individuals named thanks to Miriam Barasch (Gottlieb).

144  Betar 90th anniversary. Agnes Kainer Geyer forwarded details about the 90th anniversary celebration in Sydney on October 13, 2013 at Sydney Boys High, Surry Hills. For full details as to time and cost, or if you just want to donate, copy this entire URL into your browser

143  Glencoe Film Club -  updated.

142 Avraham and Raymonde Appel recently visited Israel. A collection of photos taken there plus some more images at another event can be seen here.

141  Many Melbournites remember our after-meetings hangout on Acland St in St. Kilda - the Scheherazade restaurant. Its founder Avram Zeleznikow died last month and ABC has a news report at Thanks to Ray Lehrer for the reference.

140  Jack Katz' consecration: Marlene Katz has supplied her eulogy to Jack that she gave on January 27, 2013 here.  

139  Sorry to report the passing of Mary Enk (Mary Shaw) in Melbourne on June 12, 2013. Minyanim were held at the South Caulfield Shul.

138  Tributes to Alex: Updated again on April 21. Additional tributes to Alex,  collected by Danny Rosing, published here.  Caregiver to Immanuel Holding, Helen Yarad, adds hers and relates a poignant story. Alex passed away and was buried in Har Hamenuchot cemetery in Jerusalem on Sunday, 27th of Nissan 5773, [April 7, 2013], after a long battle with diabetes and then cancer. His memory will not leave us. Yehi Zichro Baruch.

137  Alex Auswaks passed away on April 7, 2013. Born in Tientsin, China on 6 February 1934. He was a member of Sydney Betar before he moved to the UK and then Jerusalem. He was a writer of Crime Fiction and Man of Letters. He edited and wrote from 1990 - 1995 the publication of the 'Tientsin Society' for the community of Russian- exiled Jews who lived in that Chinese city during the Second World War. Between the years 1989 - 1995 Auswaks contributed a weekly column reviewing Crime Fiction for the 'Jerusalem Post' He was interred in Givat Shaul Cemetery. (Excerpted from Wikipedia.)

  136 Eric and Rachael Aufgang in Israel. Hedva sends photos of their visit on April 6, 2013.

135 Glencoe Film Club -  updated.

  134 Elizabeth Kornhaber at 70. Thanks for the photo, Liz.

BTW: she's the one in blue (on the left). I know that our eyesight is failing - hence the directions.

  133 1948 Camp Photo subject identifies self.

Hello ! My name is David Black and I appear as the first person on the left in photo number 4 in the 1948 camp at Woori Yallock. I am standing next to John Jagodo who stands next to Barry Rawlins ( or maybe his young brother Adrian). Yesterday I attended the official opening of Betar at Central Shule Centre and it was wonderful. My 9 year old grand daughter attends Betar there. I remember very well Josef Steiner, Shimshon Kamil, Sam Gold, Shimshon Feder, Jack Mirjam. I am 77 years old and am a chiropractor in Armadale. My wife Ruth and I are deeply involved with Central and look forward to having future functions with Betar. Best regards, David Black.

132  Brian (Shimon) Addess' obituary (UPDATED) has been placed here. Brian passed away on December 29, 2012 in Israel. He is mourned by his children Jonathan (Alan) and Galit (Dawn), his second wife Ilana, seven grandchildren and many friends in Israel and Australia.




131  Sorry to report - Brian (Shimon) Addess passed away in Israel, December 29, 2012. - (Reported by Hedva Sheiner).

130  Yosef Steiner's obituary, written by Shimshon Feder, was just published by the Australian Jewish News. Yosef passed away on July 23rd of this year. A copy of the obit can be seen here.

129  Agnes Kainer Geyer is organizing a celebration of Betar's 90th anniversary in Sydney for Sunday October 13, 2013. She is convening a 'think tank' for those interested in helping - further information can be obtained from her - please email us for contact information.

128  "Sue is no longer with us." With much sorrow we announce the passing of Sue Doobov OAM (Gans) in Israel on August 5, 2012 after a long illness. Her obituary, written by her husband Mervyn, can be found here.

127  A condolence notice for Yosef Steiner was posted in the Australian Jewish News, both Melbourne and Sydney issues, for the Friday August 3rd editions. Paid for by many of Yosef's friends, protégés and admirers, most are listed in the condolence notice but there was also an anonymous donor.

126  "The passing of a giant" - Yosef Steiner, a pioneer of Betar in Australia after the second world war, passed away in Israel on July 23rd, 2012 after an illness - he was 84 years old. He is survived by his wife of 60 years Dora (nee Hirsh), a daughter Marcelle and son-in-law Arad.

Among the mourners who came to share their grief, the following Australian Betarim attended: Jack Hirsh, Shimshon and Perla Feder with son Danny, Jack and Rosette Mirjam with daughter Bambi, Theo Balberyszski, Leah Feder, Frieda Sheiner, Brian and Ilana Addess, Gary Stock, Solly and Rosalie Goldstein, Leo Regev, Heather and Danny Rosing. From the USA - Izzie and Sandy Herman. Shimshon Feder eulogized his long-time friend and a copy of his remarks appears in the  obituary page along with several condolences from others.

125  Sorry to report - Lloyd Samuel passed away this month after a long illness. His obituary, published in the Australian Jewish News, was passed on to us by Aaron.

124  Ed Adamek submitted several photographs taken in Sydney in November 2011 and in Israel in April 2011.

123.  Liz Kornhaber submitted a few photos of her early life. Maybe your image is there too!

122. Glencoe Film Club -  updated.



121. Very sad news to report. Jack Katz passed away on December 5, 2011, suddenly, although battling leukemia for many years. We all send our sincere condolences to his wife Marlene, his daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren. Burial will be on December 7 at MCK, Browns Rd. Springvale, Vic.

120. Looking for a Betar historian! Raffi Lehrer has just obtained a quantity of old Betar materials. He has requested help in finding a volunteer to become the keeper of these publications for posterity. If anyone would like to fulfill that role, please contact Raffi directly and send me a note so I can publicise your role.

119. Reconnections: Vernon Kronenberg and Harry Stuart re-find each other after over 50 years. The site was the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies' (IAJGS) convention in Washington, DC on August 13-19, 2011. See the mandatory photo here!.

118.  Site corrected for display with Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9.

117.  Want to see yourself 50 years ago? Peter Revelman has had some old slides scanned and if you were in Melbourne during a Kenes or at a party or a camp, you might be there! And the meeting with Menachem Begin is documented! (Added: brief descriptions on Mar 11.) See the photos here.

116.  The ACT BETAR REUNION was Held at Vernon Kronenberg's home on Saturday 12 February, 2011. See the photos here.

115.  Theo and Anat Balberyszski visit Melbourne: Photos taken on February 2, 2011 - thanks to Aaron for forwarding; Eve and Shosh for the photography. See the photos here.

114. Glencoe Film Club -  updated.

113.  BETAR REUNIONS - two reunions took place this month on opposite sides of the world... Henry & Ros Ben Ezra in Sydney and Avraham & Raymonde Appel and Henry Burstyner in Israel. See Sydney photos from Lizzie Kornhaber and Israel photos from Hedva Sheiner.

112. Glencoe Film Club -  updated.

 111. 2010 Web Site Statistics

Average of more than 2,100 hits/month during 2010. Total includes some from countries we don't expect would have much interest in us. However, I suspect that some of the traffic is from web crawlers. The stats are generated from the site's host and not from our counter which appears on this page See News.



110.  BETAR REUNION [in the ACT] – Evening of Saturday 12 February, 2011

As a side-function to the Australian Association of Jewish Studies Conference, Vernon Kronenberg will be hosting a Betar Reunion, with all former Betarniks and their significant others invited. The Reunion will be on Saturday 12 February at Unit 2/49 Boldrewood St TURNER – internet map is available, and for those without transport - that can also be arranged. Please let Vernon know, for catering purposes, whether you intend to attend. He can be contacted on  or on 0412 150 771.

  109.  Our honours recipients - Peter Keeda reminded me that we don't have a list of the Betarim who have been honoured by Government of Australia over the years. We do now and we'll keep it updated as time goes on. Updated later on the 24th, entries for Larry Sitsky - thanks to Alex 'Crimebuff' Auswaks for the information!

. 108.  Alf van der Poorten: Dearly loved and loving husband of Joy, son of Marianne, brother of Rose. Cherished father of Kate and David, father-in-law of Steve and Lucinda. Beloved Papa of Elizabeth, James, Gabrielle and Ellie. Forever in our hearts. So read the death notice of the world renowned mathematician and our friend - Alf van der Poorten who passed away on October 9, 2010. See the obits here.- one was recently written and published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

   107.  Brekkie with Betar (Melbourne) - some of the folks attending the monthly breakfast at Cafe Republica in St. Kilda. Photos by Evie Katz.


106.  Congratulations to Keith Masnick who earned a PhD from the University of NSW in September. His thesis was the derivation of an eye care system for Thailand. Photo in News.


105.  Searching for Reuven Stein: We received this note from Victoria Stafford who is looking for Reuven. If anyone has any information, please contact Victoria directly.


I found someone I have been trying to find for a long time mentioned on your website and in a photograph, Reuven Stein. This is the only reference to him on the entire internet. Do you have any contact information for him? - Victoria Stafford    []

104.  Henryk Kranz's childhood retold in exhibits in the new Jewish Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick which opened in July. See the article from 'The Age' in News

103.  Congratulations to Aviva Ziegler who won an award for scriptwriting in NSW's 2010 Premier's Literary awards. See article in News.

102.  Traffic: Travel to and from Israel has accelerated - Avraham and Raymonde Appel to Israel for their younger son Yoav's wedding in December (mazel tov!); Henry and Ros Ben Ezra to Australia and NZ in December; Theo Balberyszski to Australia in Jan 2011 for a wedding - he has also completed a translation of his father's book Stronger Than Iron (left) - an eyewitness account of the destruction of Vilna Jewry.

101.  Just discovered: there is a FaceBook memorial page for the late Frank Stein (ex-Betar Brisbane) who died last year. The link is in case you wish to visit.

100.  Sorry to report: Alan Kohn perished in an horrific car accident in Queensland in March this year. His 90-year old mother was in the vehicle with him but survived. Our belated condolences to his family.  

99. Glencoe Film Club -  updated.


98.  Congratulations to Shula ENDREY-WALDER on becoming an OAM this Australia Day. You may remember her as Shula Rosenfeld from Betar Sydney. Her award reads: "For service to the community through raising awareness of Tay-Sachs Disease and as the Co-Founder of Gift of Life Australia." More here. - Submitted by her proud brother Dov (Los Angeles). Read the article from J-Post here

. 97. Browser access upgrade: This website has now been modified to work equally well from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer v 5.0 and up. Modifications had to be made 'at the cellular level' but now everyone can 'have a go'.

96.Parents and Friends of Betar New South Wales are holding a fund-raising cocktail party on Australia Day, January 26, 2010. More here....

 95. 2009 Web Site Statistics

Average of 1,700 hits/month during 2009. Total includes some from countries we don't expect would have much interest in us. But winter time in Egypt can sometimes be quite boring. See News.

94. Glencoe Film Club -  updated.



93. We regret to advise that our friend Alan Morris passed away on the 2nd December) at 3.00 am. The funeral took place on  3rd December, 2009 at 11:00am at Springvale Botanical Cemetery. See condolences.

92. Glencoe Film Club -  updated.


91. An oldie - but you may not have seen it before. Newspaper article from 1992 indicating that the KGB may not have always been on the ball... see Where's Menachem??


90. Warren Marshall and Natalie Marshall (Ockrim) will be in Israel from January 19 to February 8, 2010.  Our elder son Harry (צבי) and his wife Imbar live in Talpiot, southern Jerusalem and are expecting their first child (and our first grandchild).  We'll be in Jerusalem for most of that time, but also in Be'er Sheva visiting Natalie's mother and her sister Caroline Irjimovic and family.  I may also be visiting a cousin, Yoram Yeivin, near Tel Aviv.Our time is limited, but we'd love to make contact with Betar Australia bogrim while we are there. Please contact me at:
Warren Marshall, President, Parents and Friends of Betar NSW.

89. Very moving eulogy for Bob Shteinman posted - thanks to Jonathan Shteinman.

88. Funeral was on Sunday November 1, 2009 at Woollahra.
I attach a photo from China of Bob in Betar uniform and some other photos in Australia that are from Betar camps and then one single portrait.
I have very little of him actually in Betar in Australia and if anyone did have photos of him, particularly in uniform, I would love to get them*.
I hope people would recognise him as he was the first Betar Mefaked in NSW. - Jonathan Shteinman

The photos sent by Jonathan are here with additional remembrances from other Betarim.

[*Please email photos to - and we will forward.]

87. Sorry to report the passing of one of Betar's founders in Sydney. Bob Shteinman died peacefully at home on October 29. He was 80 years old. Danny & Heather Rosing respond to his family:

To Diane and David: (We were) sorry to hear that Bob has passed away. He had a long life and, in the last 30 or so years, a life which was made bearable and often full of joy only because of your and all your family's 24 hours a day love and care.

Bob was my first leader in Betar and then Mefaked Machoz Sydney, when I was 17. His charm, enthusiasm and warm personality was infectious and influenced all of us who grew up in Betar under his guidance.  

May you, Diane and David and all the family know no more sorrow and may his memory be blessed and you be comforted among the mourners of Zion, In long and deep friendship,

 86. (Re)-meet Ed Adamek - again. We found a "then" photo from 1961 to contrast the "now" one. See it here.

85. Another photo of Joe & Patty Grynbaum as they travelled Italy with John and Cathy.

 84. 'New' old camp photos from Avram Appel. Guess who they are.

83. New link to the Museum of American History suggested by Vernon Kronenberg. 

82. Glencoe Film Club -  updated.

81. Betar Wordle (above) of our home page courtesy of

 80. (Re)-meet Ed Adamek. Ed's the latest so send us his bio. See it here.

 79. Are you a Melbourne-ite or Sydneysider who finds themselves in the opposite city? Or are you an overseas-er who is in either place and you would like to remake some old acquaintances? Then come to the Breakfast with the Oldies!

  • Sydney's breakfast is every Wednesday at 7.45 am until 8.30 am. To join the weekly mail-out, email Keith Masnick.

  • Melbourne's breakfast is always on the first Sunday of the month and held at a St. Kilda Beach restaurant. Contact Evie Katz (via this site) and we will pass on her email/phone number to you for details on the next one.

Don't be shy - everyone would love to see you!!

78. Some background on the Australian Shaliach Ari Briggs. Why does 'Briggs' sound so familiar? An explanation from Miriam and Henry.

   77. With deep sadness we announce the peaceful passing of Louis Perlen aged 71.

Beloved husband of Helen, adored father of Nadine and Steven, much loved father-inlaw of Susan and Eyal and devoted Papa of Joel, Nathan, Ella & Imogene He was a very special person whose kindness and generosity touched all who knew him and who will hold his memory dearly in their hearts. He will be sadly missed.Rest in Peace. (Tuesday July 21, 2009, The Age.).

Aaron Ninedek adds: He was in the Nudnik film - the bit at the end where we were all falling into the creek.

He became a pharmacist and owned the pharmacy on the corner of Hawthorn Road and Glenhuntly Road. He sold it but continued to work there part-time until recently. I came across him once or twice about a year ago when I was a volunteer visiting an old people's home. He was there making up all the pill boxes for the residents. Eric Aufgang said Louis hadn't been well for some time. I think he left Betar in 1956.

  76. Sydney breakfast exposed. Thanks to Keith Masnick and Richard Sekel, we are in possession of a cell-phone picture or two of a regular Sydney breakfast -  July 2009. See both of the pics here.

75. Goldlust and Grynbaum meet in Italy.  John writes: 'Had dinner with Joe and Patty Grynbaum today (June 29, 2009) in Civitello d'Agliano, Lazio Italy. We haven't seen each other for 8 months.  Photos will confirm this event although they might be fake as no former Betarim could possibly be enjoying this sort of lifestyle could they?'.

74. Friends of Betar organizing in Sydney: The Legal, Finance and Maon Committees held a Combined Committee Meeting, at the offices of Mr Jonathan Steinman at Bondi Beach. The discussions included the incorparation of Betar Sydney amongst other topics.

  73. "When was the last tine I saw you?"  "1960 at Narrabean camp." "You haven't changed." - Michael Price and Harry Stuart re-meet in Florida.

   72. John Ziegler - Congratulations to John - honoured  by Australia on June 8th by being awarded the Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order Australia - "for service to paediatric medicine in the areas of infectious disease, HIV/AIDS, and immunology and allergy as a practitioner, researcher and educator".

  71. Henry and Harry - a few years later. They shared a hilarious (to them) reconnection on a cruise to the Western Caribbean in May. Photos  and story.

.  70. Yom Haatzmaut in Israel May 2009. Happy 61st photos at the Mirjams.. Thanks to Henry and Miriam Briggs.

69. Frank Stein, 'the face of Australian Jewry in Israel', dies aged 52. See obits here. Thanks to Avram Appel for forwarding.




 68. 2008 Web Site Statistics

1,400 hits/month during 2008. Total includes some from China and the United Arab Emirates although the dot-coms win hands down. See News.

67. Aaron & Eve in Israel

Aaron Ninedek & Eve Tauber visited Israel in October 2008. See the old gang in photos supplied by both Aaron and Hedva Sheiner. Go to Reconnections in Israel.

66. Sydneysiders' Breakfast

Henry Ben Ezra visited Sydney in August, 2008 and reconnected with the gang. See the Reconnections in OZ - Lizzie Kornhaber and Keith Masnick.

 65. Yom Haatzmaut at the Mirjams

Hedva Sheiner reports on the Yom Haatzmaut get together at the Mirjams on May 7, 2008. It turned out to be a nostalgia feast - with everyone viewing pictures and movies of themselves 20 years before. Go to Reconnections in Israel.

64. Lizzie Schneider - Remember me?

I do not know if you remember me, Lizzie Schneider from Sydney. See me Lizzie Kornhaber.

63. Betar sells its Maon in Melbourne 

During last year, Betar Melbourne turned in its Maon. In case you missed it, here's the story in News. - Aaron Ninedek

62. Danny Hakim's Budo for Peace:

Ex-Oz-Betari Danny Hakim is inspiring Jewish, Arab and Palestinian youth to "hit the mats" instead of one another. How apt for these times. Read about it at Submitted by Henry Ben Ezra. [Note: you may have to copy and paste this link into your browser. This article may not still be available for viewing.]

61. David ben David Eulogies

Following the passing of David ben David, March 29 2008, we belatedly publish his eulogies as delivered by his son and cousin. Forwarded by Danny Rosing,

60. Searching for Deborah Cukierman:

Contact made! Although 162 was not responsible for this success, Gabriella and Deborah were reunited in September! See this.


59. David ben David:

We sadly announce the passing of David ben David, March 29 2008, after a long illness. David was buried today at the Savyon cemetery in Israel.

  58. Bridge News From Canberra 2008:

Pamela Orr and Vernon Kronenberg are regular bridge adversaries. There seem to be no pics of young Pamela on the website, so she has provided 2 pictures of herself in Betar uniform. These days Pam is a farmer - cattle and sheep - at Bungendore, NSW, close to Canberra. See Remember Me?

  57. Thanks, Michael: 

Hi Harry, Its Michael Price writing…..(Betar Sydney) I’ve recently spent some time with Avraham and as you probably know am in constant touch with Bish.. I went to Sam’s Minyan and am seriously thinking of going to Israel for Yom Haatzmaut. I’ve been looking at the 162smilingfaces and now show all my new friends. You have done a terrific job and I want you to know that that is what I feel. Its most heart rendering and warm Maybe we can catch up at some time to really make the connection…. Well Done. Best wishes Michael

  56. Sam Offman:

We mourn the passing of a friend - Sam Offman succumbed to Parkinson's on March 5, 2008 in Melbourne. We send our sincere condolences to his wife Rose; children Daniella and Kobi, Simone and Jeremy; Arieh and Esther; Ilana and John. Please view Aaron Ninedek's eulogy, the full death notice and our Tribute to Sam.




 55. Aussie bash at the Bishes.  Quite a number of celebrants at Roz & Henry's on November 24th 2007. Photos by Bish, Frida and Miriam.

  54. Just revealed: We are sorry to report the death of Jules Wynhausen in Sydney. Jules passed away on July 2, 2007, aged 60. Loving son of Nan, husband of Eve and brother of Elisabeth, wonderful father and father-in- law of Gabi, Jesse and Aaron, adoring Zeide of Saul. (Sydney Morning Herald).

53. On Sam Offman's 70th birthday: read the card that was sent to him by his friends.See News. (Organized by Danny Rosing)

52. Photos from Aussies celebration this year of Yom HaAtzmaut at the Mirjams in Israel. (Hedva Sheiner)

51. 2006 Site Visitor Report. Again, we have visitors from some obscure and unlikely places - Morocco and Fiji to name a couple.

50. A newly discovered old photo from the files of Sid Agranoff. It was previously emailed to a few individuals by Peter Keeda. We share it here. If you were in Sydney at that time (and in the photo) you might recognize yourself.

49. Rudzki takes charge. Melbourne's Brian Rudzki takes over as an executive director of the St. Kilda Hebrew Congregation. See News

48. From the 'interesting sites' department: take a look at (Henry Ben Ezra). Banned from Amazon and Google, Sampson Blinded: (Avraham Appel).

  47. Keith Masnick reports on Sydney meetings: Every Wednesday morning around 7.45 some of the old (and I mean old) Sydney Betarim do breakfast at roving locations. Regular frersers are Keith Masnick, Richard Sekel, Peter Keeda, Jan Podebsky and Norman Sarajinsky. Michael Price drops in occasionally as does Adam (Ari) Graycar, Brian Pelerman, Moses Aaron, Les Berger, Shula Endrey Walder (Rosenfeld) and brother Dov, Judy Kovendi, Ruth Ratner (Eisokovits) and Liz Kornharber (Schneider). D. Golomb esq and H. Ben Ezra (Bish) have also been known to attend. Anyone interested can email Keith and he will pass on the next location

  46. Masnick opens album. After a 40+ year wait, Keith Masnick is sharing some of his photos which he secretly took at some of the Melbourne and Sydney camps. See them here. (We will later fold them into their appropriate sections on the site.)

  45. Congratulations to Paul Gottliebhe has won Australia's 2007 Clunies Ross Medal. The ATSE Clunies Ross Awards go to scientists and engineers from Victoria, Western Australia, ACT, Queensland, and New South Wales - people who have persisted with their ideas - often against the odds - to the point that their innovations are making a real difference to Australia: economically, environmentally, and/or socially. See Gottlieb in News.

  44. Quick Quiz: In the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, the statue of which Melbourne Betari of the late 1950s was erected in his honor in 1994?  He was a prominent figure in the Melbourne arts for many years. Give up? Read his obituary here  - and thanks to Aaron Ninedek for the photos of the statue.





  43. Leo Regev and Aviva Ziegler's visits to Melbourne sparked a couple reunions - a 40 year reunion for John Goldlust, Leo Regev (Rogovin) and Henry Berkovic in - of all places - Pellegrinis (a favourite haunting ground of the 1950s and 1960s - and it hasn't changed since then) AND a reunion for Leo, Aviva and Evie in what looked like Kinglake West.

  42. Immanuel Holding 1924-2006.

  41. The latest Larry Sitsky portrait has been hung at Australian National University's School of Music. Vernon Kronenberg sends photo of Larry and Larry.

  40. Mick Price visits Israel. These photos and others sent by Bish.

  39. Brisbane Betar to celebrate 50th anniversary. Call for articles, photos from Ben Klug, Mefaked Betar Queensland, and Tara Avrahami. A short history of the establishment of Betar 50 years ago is provided by Sue Doobov (Gans).

  38. Melbourne's Sunday Breakfast August 6, 2006. Photos of the monthly event provided by Aaron Ninedek. 

  37. The Mirjams in Melbourne June, 2006. Photo record of the memorable events held at the homes of the Appels and Aufgangs.

  36. Vernon Kronenberg visits Israel - photos of the celebrants at Frida Sheiner's home on May 27, 2006 

  35. Betty Levy wants to be updated. In fact, thanks to the wonderful photos, she is. Please view the latest right here.

34. Vernon Kronenberg visits Israel and we get another dispatch from Frida!

33. Aussies celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut at the Mirjams in Israel. Photos from Frida!  

32. Book publishing rampage: This week two of the members of the Glencoe Film Club launched books - John Goldlust co-authored "Unravelling Identity" and Rodney Gouttman "An Anzac Zionist Hero". (See the News page for articles and descriptions). Both have published books on previous occasions. In addition, another of our group, Anna Blay, published a book a couple of years ago. There is no truth in the rumour that membership of the Film Club will require a book being published. - Aaron Ninedek.

31. Another reunion - after 42+ years, Jack Katz and Harry Stuart "find" each other - in Denver. Jack's wife Marlene, who has visited Harry and Elaine in Philadelphia in the last couple of years - arranged a surprise reunion - on April 21, 2006.

30. "Old Aussie" Betarim have a get together in Hod HaSharon on April 22, 2006. Hedva Sheiner has the 'piccies'...

 29. Joe Melnik remade some acquaintances at Solly and Rosalie's home in Hod HaSharon today (March 18, 2006). See Bish's photo here!

  28. Some faces from the monthly Melbourne Sunday breakfasts. Started in 1998, these get-togethers of old - sorry, older - friends and exBetarim occur regularly the first Sunday of every month. This month, they welcomed Michal Enk (Mary Shaw). Thanks to Aaron for the photos and Evie for the report.

 27. Grandchildren special report: Congratulations to grandparents Avraham and Raymonde Appel and Shoshana Jordan - recently grandparents for the first time. And by the way, to Michal Enk (Mary Shaw) who is a grandparent 13 times over!

  26. Vernon Kronenberg will be visiting Israel from 16 May to 7 June, his third visit. He hopes to have the opportunity to get in touch with old Betari acquaintances. The official events coordinator appointed for this visit is Hedva Sheiner. Enquiries may also be directed to Heather and Danny Rosing, or Sue and Mervyn Doobov.

For those who don't know what he looks like now (and that includes him!) see the photos of him here!

25. Congratulations to Sam Parasol. He has just been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) and now joins past recipients Sue and Mervyn Doobov (Israel) in this distinction. Read all about it here. Thanks to Aaron Ninedek for the info.)

24. Congratulations to Paul Gottlieb.  He has also been honoured in the Australia Day Honours list with an AM - Member of the Order of Australia. His citation reads: "For service to science and technology through the development and marketing of equipment and software for use in particle analysis and identification in the minerals processing sector." (Thanks to Evie Katz for this update.)

23. And more congratulations to Margaret Beadman of Canberra who was also honoured with an OAM in the general division "for service to the community through support for the Australian War Memorial as a volunteer and guide, and to the Jewish community". (Thanks to Sid Agranoff for pointing this out.)

22. Searching for Deborah Cukierman: A correspondent in Orbe, Peru has requested to be put in contact with Deborah Cukeirman (maiden name) who may be the daughter of the late David Cukierman. See this

21. Abi Jim Appel, aka Chot Stuff, and lately aka Grump, is now a double Grump. Having gone in for a check-up to the hospital, he wasn't allowed out till he had a quadruple by-pass. He's not handling pipe withdrawal well. Get well wishes with jokes will be appreciated provided they only make him smile, as laughing hurts a lot at present, virtually four weeks out of hospital - Refuah Shlema

Translation: Avraham Appel is recovering from a quad bypass. Raffi Lehrer contributed this news and hopes that we will help degrump the grumpmaster.




20, Anne (Entenberg) and Rodney Gouttman visit the folks in Israel - Frida Sheiner's photos, taken at her place on November 19th, 2005 - by Frida -  grace our pages.

19. We forgot to mention earlier- congratulations to Dora Steiner who recently celebrated her 75th birthday!

18. When David and Helen Leyman(shteyn) visited Israel in September, another get-together took place at Bish's home on 17th September.. Thanks to Henry Ben Ezra for these...

17. Shoshanna Jordan had an exhibition of her work in Melbourne. Get details here.

16. Reconnection in the US: Ghislaine Palumbo (Jessy Rosmarin) and Harry Stuart get together after 40 years.

  15. Nudnik, the Schmendrik Camper, is on a world tour. Follow his antics as he passes through Philadelphia and Israel.. Aaron's Israel memories have been added.

14. Words discovered - we have the answer to Avraham's dilema: As noted yesterday: "Somebody tore the pages out of my song book! Appeal from Avraham Appel: Does anyone have the words to the song "Young souls, old souls, everybody come, to our little Sunday school and have a tot of rum..."    Additional lyrics added by Sid Agranoff. See it all here!

13. We are getting older - even the younger ones.... John's 60th. Viewable photos of John Goldlust (aka John Gold Desire - see What's in a Name?)  and friends  of the extravaganza held in Melbourne in April. Access to photos taken by Aaron Ninedek ...Click on this link to view the photos!

12. Searching for Cukierman: We received a request from Gabriela Garcia Calderon Orbe in Peru for information regarding the daughter of a David Cukierman - is this the same David Cukierman we knew? Please read the correspondence and reply to Gabriela if you know of Barbara Cukierman...

11. Frida's clicking again. Photos taken at Theo and Anat's on March 12, 2005. Included - an exclusive shot of David ben David who some of us outside Israel haven't seen since the 1950's!...

10. Alex responds to Miriam's commentary and adds important information on how to contact Immanuel. Also, sad news that Edith Dreyer, widow of Hans Dreyer, a founder of Australian Betar, has passed.....

9. Comments on Alex Auswaks' Canberra article by Miriam Barasch (Gottlieb) provides a different perspective...

8. Setting the record straight: Letter from volunteer care giver Helen Yarad testifying that the passing of Immanuel Holding, as referenced in Alex Auswaks' article, has been exaggerated...

7. 2004 visitors report - the monthly visits to our site keep increasing... but the origins of some of them is rather surprising...



6. For those of you who remember him, a recently discovered obituary of Adrian Rawlins has been posted...

5. Frida Goldstein in Melbourne: Frida Goldstein (AKA Hedva Sheiner) arrived in Australia early November 2004 for a visit and left mid December. A cacophony of photos mark the occasions of twenty, thirty and even forty year reunions with those she grew up with. Additionally, Frida took some photos at Betty Levy's daughter's wedding. Those have been added at the end of the collection...

4 The Reconnections pages (Israel, Australia and the US), Where We Are and Glencoe pages have been reorganized and/or streamlined - faster loading for those without broadband.

3. The Past section has been completely updated. Both historical artifacts and your photo albums have been blended into chronological order. This section now includes Betar's 80th as celebrated in Melbourne in March 2004...

2. 40-year reunion: Noni Gordon and Eddie Price meet in Sydney...


1. The Origins of Canberra Betar by Alex Auswaks..



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  • A Personal Journey to Reconnect with our Olim (2004)

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