This is an audio recording of the group Hatzlilim performing on 'In Melbourne Tonight', 1968 with Graham Kennedy and 1969 with Mike Preston.

This is an mp3 version of a cassette tape copy of a reel to reel copy of the sound track from an off-air, home videotape of the Channel 9 transmissions broadcast on the two nights - so we have done our best to present it here.

As Hatzlilim we had been performing around sporadically since 1965. Sometime around 1967/68 we somehow got acquainted with Nehama Patkin (daughter of prominent Zionist and community figure, Ben Zion PatkinĀ  - one of the founders of Mt Scopus) trained musician, performer and music teacher, some years older than us. She performed as a classical pianist but also had a nice voice. Seemed very keen to 'join' the group and, more importantly, had many connections in the local showbiz world - hence the IMT gigs. If you are interested, more on Nehana here:

The group consisted of:

Bill Fayman
John Goldlust
Solly Goldstein

Sam Scherer
Nehama Patkin

John Goldlust with mods by Harry Stuart