The Fabulous Skall Sisters
In 1988, as part of a co-ordinating committee organizing a Betar Melbourne reunion evening, when I was tasked with putting together a video on the theme of “a celebration of times past”, the first contributions I sought were from sisters Evie Katz and Judy Weinstein. As I say at the beginning of the video, particularly for those of us in Melbourne, the lively and vivacious Skall sisters (as they were then) were invariably at the centre of everything that was going on in Betar at that time; so who better than Evie and Judy to take us for a little tour through our mutual history and past.

In this video they browse through a stack of photos taken at various Betar camps while reflecting fondly – generously laced with humour and witty repartee – on people, places and the wonderful times many of us shared. Sadly Judy left us far too early, in 1997 at the age of 50 (see In Memoriam section of this website), so this brief recording of her with Evie, happily reminiscing and bantering with each other, is both poignant and precious. 

- John Goldlust

Video production by John Goldlust