In 2020-2021, the world-wide pandemic spurned isolationism. Michael Price sensed that and set out organizing and producing zoom calls amongst the Sydney Betar oldies community inviting them to relate their lives.
In the heady days of youth, no-one was particularly interested in the past. Since then, lives evolved, families were raised and the professions chosen - and now, everyone is interested in the past!
We thought we knew one another fairly well but, in this series, some surprising details are revealed, some dating back to the Holocaust-era.

Duration of the video: 1:20:53.

For those who wish to bypass the opening chatter amongst friends, Miriam's story starts at 0:55. 

For those in attendance, there were some internet problems and I have edited the record to include Miriam's video.
At about 3 minutes in there is the disruption, then the full video starts again.  Following on is Miriam talking about her life. Some small bits are repeated so bear with us.


The video recorded and produced by Michael Price
Celebration of the Living
#16 - Miriam Briggs

August 25, 2021