Name: Aaron Ninedek
aka: Nudnik, Mr Ninedek, Sir, Hey You
Married to: Eve Tauber
Children: Jonathan 29 - Computer Programmer
Alana 27 - Physiotherapist
Doron 25 - Student
Occupation Teacher, Primary School Principal. Now retired
Education M.Ed.Studies, B.Econ
Years in Betar 1952-1962; 1968
First Camp: Senior Camp, Mt. Victoria 1952-53
Other Camps: Numerous
Positions Held: Natziv; Mefaked Machoz Melbourne;  Mefaked Machane (several)
Some of my Leaders: Yosef Steiner, Yaacov Mirjam, Shimshon  Feder
Some of my Contemporaries: Philip Mirjam, Sam Offman, Henryk  Kranz,  Adam Fligelman, Rosette  Mirjam (Landerer),  Alan Morris
Some of those younger Eric Aufgang, Rachel Aufgang  (Micmacher),  Anne Gouttman  (Entenberg), Freda Lasher,  Betty Levy  (Brisson),  Harry Stuart, Avraham   Appel, Louis Devries, Raphy Star,  Raphy  Lehrer, John Goldlust, Evie Katz  (Skall)
Those I see now: John Goldlust, Anne Gouttman  (Entenberg),  Evie Katz (Skall), Louis  Devries; Betty Levy  (Brisson),  Avraham  Appel, Eric Aufgang
Highlight of Betar experience: Machon (see Nudnik's Tales)

at age 22 at a Kinglake West

At Betar's 60th anniversary 2001
Aaron Ninedek
Contributed: 2002