Dear David, Joel and Shane and families:

Elaine and I would like to express our sincere condolences on the passing of your father and our friend.

Dad and I go back almost 70 years – he and I were in Betar together in our teens.

We renewed our friendship in the late 1960s when he and I shared a couple of apartments together in Toronto. He had a fabulous sense of humor and our relationship could better be described as equating to the Odd Couple, with me being the neat one. You can guess Dad’s role.

After his departure from Canada to live in Europe in about 1970, we saw you all and your parents in Melbourne – forgive me if I am wrong, in 1972-73. Our next get together with Dad was during our visits in 1998 and 2000 - and in 2016 when we stayed with Dad for a week, later vacationing with him in Cairns a month later.

We also had a great time together on a Caribbean cruise in during the early 2010s.

Why am I relating this? Because, on every occasion we enjoyed each other tremendously. Our meetings have been relatively short due to our domicile in the US and his in Melbourne - and we both were not good communicators when it came to emails or other forms of contact. Our daughter Sharyn had the pleasure of knowing Dad also and she expressed her grief to us today.

I am a few years older than Dad and we always kidded each other – he about my age and me about his relative youth.

Dad didn’t have it easy in the last months and we feel for all of you. I will remember him as a kind and generous person and it is a big loss for all of us.

Harry & Elaine Stuart

Henry Burstyner
19xx - Jan 8 2021
Condolences to family and long life

Betty Mony Levy