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... In July 1961
..AND NOW...
...Pictured with Heather
Danny Rosing


 Danny Rosing

 Married to:

 Heather Cohen, in 1962.  

 Children and Grandchildren:

 We have 5 children –Tamar, born in Toronto in 1964 and 4 others born in Israel; Thom (Naomi) 1968, Yael 1970 and Gidon and Tanya 1975. Tamar and Thom live in Kiron, Yael in Maalot, Gidon on the Qld Gold Coast and Tanya presently in Sydney for a year or more.

 Where I live:

 Heather and I live in Omer, Israel..


 B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from University of N.S.W. (1959).


 Telecommunications Engineer, but since 1972 worked in international marketing.

In September 1964 we arrived in Israel, where I worked in Israel Aircraft Industries on some aerospace projects till 1970, then led a team of Israeli engineers and technicians at GTE International Systems on some satellite earth station and microwave telecom projects in various countries.

From there I moved to Ormat Turbines Ltd, in Yavne, as Marketing Manager, where we had projects all over the world, in telecommunications, geothermal and solar energy and to Tadiran (electronics) which included a three year term as representative in Southern Africa.

In 1993 we moved to Omer, near Beersheva and I set up and ran the marketing department of the first metallurgical production project in Israel since King Solomon – Dead Sea Magnesium - and then acted as marketing consultant to various companies in Israel, Australia and others.

 Betar History

 I first came to a Betar meeting in 1953 when I was in 1st year at Sydney University. I was born in Tel Aviv and considered myself a non-zionist Israeli. I knew I would one day return home but didn't care what other Jews would do, but then, at the University, I met some strange people, i.e. Bob Shteynman, Larry Sitsky  and Alex Auswaks, who had come to Australia from China, where they were in Betar. I was amazed at how much more than me they knew about  MY country, Israel. Intrigued, I decided to come to a Betar meeting and find out what it was. The girls in Betar were so attractive I had to keep coming.

A few months later Shimshon Feder came up from Melbourne and ran a Madrichim course, let me sit in for a few sessions then told me I had to commit myself to join and be a Madrich or leave.

At the end of that year I attended the camp in Woori Yallock and then every annual summer camp till December 1960.


Positions Held:

 Mefaked Machoz Sydney (1958), Natziv 1959-60).

My Madrichim:

Hans Dreyer and Bob Shteynman at first, then Shimshon Feder and later, but foremost, the person from whom I learnt more than from anyone else ever and the one who had the biggest influence on my thinking and behaviour - our first shaliach, Gad Pedhatzur.

People I Remember:

Too many to record and with many happy memories 

People who we still see or keep in contact with:

We are very lucky to have had continuous contact with so many of our friends from Betar  Australia who have made Aliya at about the same time as we did and the years following. We still meet regularly (although not as often as we would like) with two groups, our general age group and the next one (in which we believe we are included because It is Heather's brother Peter's, group).

The first group includes Dora Steiner, Theo and Anat Balberyszski, Shim and Perla Feder, Jack and Rosette Mirjam, Leah Feder  and Frieda Sheiner.

Yoseph Steiner and Brian and Ruth Addess were also in that group when they were alive and we also kept in touch with Mervyn and Sue (z"l) Doobov .

In the second group we have Leo and Celia Rogovin, Henry and Ros Ben Ezra (AKA Bishopverder ), Solly and Rosalie Goldstein, Miriam Barash (nee Gottlieb, from Canberra) and Lionel ("Flapper")  Bomzon.

Then there are many, in Oz and other parts of the world, with whom we keep in touch and whose friendship we value to this day.


Since leavng Sydney:

I left in 1961, for Canada, came back to marry Heather in January 1962, then returned to Toronto, with Heather, to gain some experience in the electronics field before continuing to Israel.

In Toronto we reestablished the Betar Maoz , I was also on the Netzivut of North American Betar and was Head Counselor  at Camp Betar in Neversink, NY, in 1963 and 1964.