Name: Evie Katz (previously Skall).
Marital/Relationship Situation: Married Elliott Katz in 1969 in Hadera, Israel. We lived in Haifa and Jerusalem for a total of two
years, then went to Australia
My family members: Son - Jonathan 32 performing artist, currently living and working in New York. (See below for
one of Jonno's achievements in Melbourne!)
Daughter Dana, 30, about to begin acting school, lives in St. Kilda, Melbourne
Where I live now: Melbourne
What I do for a living: Last fourteen years in academia at  LaTrobe University in the social sciences; currently
working as a social science researcher in the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial
Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Years in Betar; Camps; Positions held. 1955-1964. Camps were Wonga Park, Woori Yallock, Launching Place, Kinglake West,
Ballarat, Narrabeen, Samford Valley. Chinuch position on the Mifkada Melbourne. Went on Machon L’Madrichei Chutz La’aretz in 1961. Ran senior seminar group 1962-1964
People in Betar in my time: Harry Stuart, Elfie Rosner, the Offman twins, Brian Rudzki, Shoshanna Januszewicz, Avraham Appel, Clive Kessler, Alfie Van der Poorten, Peter Revelman, Rafi Lehrer, Rafi Star. Some of my madrichim were Shimshon Feder, Leah Feder, Jack Mirjam, Alan Morris, Tom Rado, Aaron Ninedek, Anne Entenberg, Sam Offman, Eric Aufgang, Betty Brisson. Younger ones – John Goldlust, Solly Goldstein, Sam Scherer, Helen Webberley, Eva Freitag, Mary Glass, Bill Fayman, Henry Burstyner, Louis De Vries, Tami Star, Henry Januszewicz, Ari Grajcar, Noni Ochert, Ina Klein, Ruth Pilczik, Raymonde Strzyg, Emmy De Vries, Susi Kony, Susan Aufgang, Tony Aufgang
People I keep in touch with: John Goldlust, Shoshanna Jordan,  Aaron Ninedek, Eve Tauber, Noni  Gordon, Brian  Rudzki, Michael Price,  Ina Burt, Anne Gouttman, Avraham   and Raymonde Appel, Tami and Louis   De Vries, Susie Burubu, Paul Gottlieb
Comments: Like the idea of the website as a way of keeping  in touch with our past – thanks  Harry and
Aaron, and John for helping  kick it off.
at Ballarat Camp 1963-64
Evie Katz
Contributed: 2004