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One camp at King Lake (was there a 3rd?)  I came only for the weekend with Anne Entenberg , Solly and Gary Rudzki.  We came into the small town and all of us got into a public phone booth in the main street where the shops were.  It was freezing out and we tried to get someone at the camp to come and pick us up.   The way public phones worked was you picked up the receiver and the person at the exchange asked what number you wanted and then told you how many coins to put in.  We then discovered that we did not have small change and the operator said,

"Wait a sec, I'll give you some change!" , and then we heard knocking and could not work out where it came from nor how she was going to give us change!  We then discovered that the exchange was in the shop right next to the booth and she was tapping on the shop window to get our attention.!!  We were really spooked out.

Anyway, the late David Meyer came down in his car and gave us a "ride" to the camp!   Anyone who knew David will understand what sort of ride that was!!

The General Store

Now an anecdote from a few years back. On my way back to Israel from a skiing holiday all the passengers were told to get into a bus at the airport, and we were taken, without explanation, to the far side of the Zurich Airport and asked to line up and one by one we had to identify our luggage which was than opened and thoroughly checked.  After that we were put in a secluded room and waited for instructions.  While waiting, I struck up a conversation with a very nice girl  who stood in front of me with her very Greek looking husband who had a big mustache.  She asked if I knew what was going on and very knowingly I told her that probably they had received a bomb scare and were checking everything.  She told her husband and he told the people in front of him and so forth.  In the end we were delayed for some six hours and taken miles away from the airport to a restaurant. I sat with this girl and talked and I discovered that they were from Australia and we had a nice chat until we were separated on the plane. All this  took place right before Yom Haatzmaut  and every Yom Haatzmaut we have an Aussie Betar party at the Mirjam's.  Imagine my surprise when I entered and saw the couple from Zurich there!

And guess who they were?  She, Judy I had never met before and he, the Greek with the mo, was Brian Rudzki whom I knew as a kid but did not recognize!!  Judy was just relating the whole story of there being a bomb on the plane (which was not true, it was just a new safety precaution that the Swiss decided on plus a strike by the airline employees!) just as I walked in. 

Small World
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