Name: Leah Feder.
Commonly known as: Shim's sister
Joined Betar:: In 1949 (prehistoric time don't you think?)
Why: I started out in Habonim.  Would you believe it?  That was back a century ago (1948).  At that
time my brother was already in Betar and every time I came back from a Habo meeting I kept
calling my brother a "fascist" and he called me a "Commie".  My mother couldn't put up with
the continual arguing back and forth and laid down an ultimatum.  Either I joined Betar or
Shim join Habonim.  Being the squirt that I was I was forced to join Betar.  That's how I got
where I am today......
I was at a "Hashy", meeting every Sunday at Herzl Hall (deceased) together with Gwen and
Philip Mirjam and Jack Mirjam was our madrich.  What I remember clearly was that we
spent most of the time doing "tass" - targilei seder.  We became very good at it, as I
remember.  Sorry it was so long ago I have forgotten others who may have been in our
group and for that I apologize.
My first camp was the second one at Woori Yallock which I very much wanted to attend
despite my brother's opposition.  He gave in in the end on one condition - that I never
mentioned that he was my brother and that I keep my distance from him.  It worked fine, and
as you can see I survived the camp and I'm still
a member of Betar.
I continued to climb the ladder going through Kanaim and into Bnei Etzel, finally becoming a
In 1956 I was selected to go on the Machon as a representative of Betar together with Aaron
Ninedek.  It was one of the best years of my life and one that influenced what I am today. I returned to Oz in 1957 (see Aaron's recollections of how we got back to Australia because of the closure of the Suez Canal after the Sinai Campaign).  Later on I became a member of the Netzivut (secretary, taking down the minutes of meetings etc.).  The Netzivut at that time: Jack Mirjam, Aaron Ninedek, Sam Offman and Alan Morris  created a new Maoz in Northcote which was later taken over by Harry M.  This was as a result of my going on Aliya in 1959.
Since living here [in Israel] I worked for an insurance company, a shipping company and finally with an engineering company.  Glad to say that I'm no longer useful as I am now "retired".  Love every minute of the free time Ihave.  In all these years I have always considered myself a part of Betar which has always been an integral part of who I am.  This will never go away.
Oh, by the way: Who remembers "shmira" at camp? We were supposed to guard the flagpole and the kitchen
to make sure nothing was swiped - ha ha!! From what I recall it was mainly for double-dating. My first shmira was when I was 10.....It was together with a kid from Sydney, Johnny Mann (famous for his accordion playing). We didn't do much "guarding" and I remember it was my first torrid love affair at the tender age of 10. Since then it has become a password for "getting to know each other better" and how better can it be done than if there's no-one around between midnight and 4 in the morning.
... on-board ship in Melbourne-  going on Aliyah in 1959

...AND NOW. the Mirjams Yom Haatzmaut
party on April 25, 2004
Leah Feder
Contributed: 2004