Alex Lenko
Alex Lenko, a member of the ACS for the past 35 years, recently passed away, aged 67.

Alex had been involved in ICT from the very first days of the industry. He was one of the lucky few who were given the opportunity to work with Monash University's first computer in 1967 while completing his Science Degree.

Alex initially began working as a Chemist with ICI but he kept in touch with his passion for computers and eventually worked as a Computer Analyst at General Motors Holden and National Australia Bank. In the early 80s he started his own business developing Accounting, Medical and Membership Software and selling the related hardware. This exposed him to the early days of the PC. In addition, he was amongst the first to sell Laptop Computers and Car Phones in Australia.

In his later years, Alex kept up to date with technology and continued to service valued clients through his semi-retirement.

Alex was a patient, kind and generous man who trained and educated thousands of clients through their first experiences with a computer. He will be missed by his family, friends and ICT industry colleagues.

Published by the Australian Computer Society
- 2014