Listed in the order they were received.

Some people just get it right. They are friendly, positive, cheerful and welcoming. They give you a feeling of belonging. A feeling of being ‘us’. Rosette was like that. When I first met her she was wearing a school uniform and living above a fruit shop in Port Melbourne. She was like that then, and she was like that later when we were madrichim (youth leaders) together, and she was like that when we worked on the famous ‘Nudnik’ film together, and she was like that when she married my very good friend, Jack, and she was like that when Jack and I came home after going to the football and she fed us. She was like that even after they went on Aliyah to Israel. We stayed in touch, especially after Skype was invented. The last time we Skyped she complained of having breathing problems. She never complained. Who was to know? Many, many people have fond memories of her. A very special person. 

 Aaron Ninedek

Dear Jack,
I am writing to say how sorry I am for the sad news that your wife Rosette has passed away.
I wish you and your family much kindness at this terrible time.
Long life………

Elfie Weiss (Rosner)

It was with a heavy heart that we heard of the passing of dear Rosette. Our hearts are with Jack and all the family.
Rosette will, indeed, be missed.

Erica & Peter Keeda

Dear Jack,
So very sad to hear about Rosette. I wish you 'long life' at this sorrowful time and that memories of your long time together comfort you.

Evie (Skall) Katz

Dear Jack and family:
We mourn with you today. We have all lost a wonderful human being. Although distance has kept us apart these many years, my memories of Rosette in the early years are still quite vivid. And on the occasions that we reunited in Israel a couple of times, the Rosette of the early days was still there - bubbly, funny and generous. Elaine and I also wish to pass our condolences to your family - they have lost a mother and grandmother.
She will be missed by many people, in your family and outside in the Betar community.

Harry & Elaine Stuart

Saddened to hear about Rosette's passing.  She was my first madricha and was very kind to an exceedingly shy 9 year old. 

Susan Aufgang

We remember with love & fondness-Rosette's wonderful happy personality, her caring & generous nature.
How she hosted every year the Yom Ha Atzmaut Parties at her & Jacks’ home. 
The fun & joy we shared  together, the old memories & the new ones we made together over many different generations of Betarim in many different places, but with the same core of Betar Ideals we all shared.
A lifetime of wonderful memories shared with wonderful people with our treasured years in the Movement connecting us all.
Our hearts go out to Jack & the whole family, we & you Thank G-d, will always have beautiful memories of Rosette to carry through the rest of our lives!
Love, long Life & marvellous memories of Rosette that have & will continue to bind us together!

Miriam & Henry Briggs

Hi Jack.
I have just now returned from playing Bridge at a Jewish Club that reason detre is collecting monies for numerous worthwhile causes here in Australia and in Israel. So i have come onto the net to view our scores to find your condolence letter.
As its going onto 11.30pm here in Melbourne,  I couldn't go to sleep without wishing you,  your family and your friends, all a long life and mention how lucky we a were to have known Rosette. Your family truly were a remarkable family which was solely due to the example that both of you were for others to follow.

So thank you, your family and those around both of for setting the example for me to follow as well.

Long life xx 

Avi Feldman

Sorry to hear the sad news of Rosette’s passing, Jack.
I wish you all long life.

Philip Chester

It is with great sadness that I have just learned the passing of my dear friend Rosette.
I just can't believe it.  She will be missed by everyone who was lucky to have her as a friend.
To Jack I wish a long life and words can't say how sad I am for you.

Varda Eisikovich

Dear Jack,
We were so very sorry to learn of the sad news of Rosette’s passing. I remember her warmly from my days in Betar and on her visits Down-Under from Israel, her warmth, friendliness, and perceptive sense of humour.
I vividly remember one particular incident from the past: we were scrambling for seats at a Bnei Etzel meeting in the crowded conditions of the old Beth Weizmann. There was a space next to Jack and I motioned to Rosette to sit there as they had just got engaged and romance was heavy in the air. She laughed and said “You can sit next to Jack, I’ll be next to him for the rest of my life”. And indeed she was.
 Our thoughts are with you and your family in your loss.
Anne and Rodney Gouttman

Dear Jack
We were saddened to hear of your loss and want you to know we carry many fond memories of Rosette.

Nina & Garry Rudzki

Dear Jack & family
You have my deepest sympathy in this hour of your loss.
I have many fond memories of Rosette which will always be with me.
Wishing you long life,

Henryk Kranz

Vale Rosette.  Very happy memories of long ago.   My thoughts are with you Jack at this difficult time. 

Adam Fligelman

We are devastated by the news and only saw Rosette fairly recently. She was an extraordinary lady and it is difficult to even imagine that she is no longer with us.
Much love,

Larry and Magda Sitsky

My first acquaintance with Rosette was 63 years ago - almost to the day - when I joined my first Betar camp, at Kinglake West from Sydney. Rosette, along with Dora Steiner, was one of the two "mothers" of the camp: comforting the younger kids and generally softening the tone of he camp. It was work much appreciated by us youngsters, and we loved them for it; a love that never passed.
Of course, I saw the Mirjams occasonally over the following years at significant interstate Betar events, including camps; but my next significant recollection is when Jack and Rosette and the Feders made a visit to Australia, it must have been 40ish years later, and they came to Canberra as tourists, and I had the honour of showing them around with Margaret Beadman as co-guide; and I recall a most happy dinner together. And much later, after my fellow-Betari and dearest wife Naomi had passed away and I came to Israel in 2004  to explain to her relatives how she had lived her last few years, the lovely Hedva Sheiner arranged a get-together and I partied with the Mirjams, among many others that evening.
So, my memories of Rosette are intemittent and regrettably few, but all sweet and very dear to me. Jack, you have lost a dear companion bit please know the loss is felt far and wide, among all who knew Rosette.

Vernon Kronenberg

Dear Jack,

I was very shocked and saddened to hear of Rosie's unexpected death and wanted to pass on my sincere condolences to you, Jack and your family. I feel very sorry for your deep loss. 

Eve Tauber

We are thinking of you at this very difficult time.

We can only hope and pray that all the wonderful memories  time spent together and the legacy 
left will be some comfort to you and the family.
Our best wishes 

Ruth and Sam Parasol OAM 

Dear Jack & family
It was my pleasure to have met Rosette through gatherings of old Betarniks at Avraham & Raymonde’s home.
I am  originally from Brisbane and slightly younger so never knew you in my active Betar days, but certainly heard of you both.
The way you described Rosette is exactly how I found her in those gatherings. She was certainly quite a personality and well loved and admired.
I wish you and your family a long and healthy life. May you take strength from the precious memories.

Nonny Gordon (nee Ochert)

I was very sad to hear the news about Rosette and want to pass on my condolences to Jack. Rosette to me was the embodiment of Betar in Melbourne and just seemed to be a permanent feature of Melbourne Olim. It’s hard to believe she will no longer be there, although of course the memories will persist. Jack, I wish you long life.

John Ziegler

There are no words anyone can say, no "thing" any person can do that can help you in your grief at losing your beautiful Rosette.  This I know because when I lost my beloved Sam nearly 10 years ago, I was in the "black hole" you are now in.
No words or cliches from any well meaning person/s can help this extreme painful loss which you are now feeling and my heart goes out to you Jack because I do know your pain.
I loved and laughed with Rosette as I grew to know her over the 35 years I got to know her when Sam first introduced her to me. I was welcomed into "The inner Sanctum" of "The Betar Group" especially by Rosette, and the special affection and welcome she gave to Sam and me when we stayed with you in Israel for 2 weeks.
Rosette's "girls" will be inconsolable and to them I send my heartfelt love. Rosie's beloved grandchildren had the best Nana ever.
To you Jack I send my love and I am thinking of you, the unimaginable pain you are feeling is exactly that unimaginable.
All Rosette's and your friends will send their love, memories of Rosie etc. all well meaning and heartfelt , because we all loved her , Jack, keep these messages somewhere, in a drawer and in your heart, because there will come a time when you are able to read them, as I did when Sam passed, it took a long time before I could read them, but when I finally did, I realised  how many people loved, befriended, admired and loved Sam it gave me some comfort to know how many people did love him, and I hope this will help you when you read the messages and love from friends who so loved your beautiful Rosette.
I would love to share this saying with you Jack, it was given to me when I lost my beloved Dad, and I have carried it in my heart  since losing him in 1976. :

                          BETTER THAN THE GOLD OF KINGS -
                          ARE THE MEMORIES OF HAPPY THINGS.

Jack I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Rosette, my prayers and thoughts are with you and all your family.
Sending you my love and prayers,

Rose Offman 

Jack, what can one say. Rosette and you are a couple from the first time I ever set eyes on you. She was warm, caring, supportive and when necessary outspoken and independent. She was like a big sister/aunty to us younger kids (never behaved as a mother type)
She was there to listen if there was a problem but not to let anyone indulge in self pity or pursuit of excess attention.
You were blessed to have each other and even though “physically” she is no longer here, you both will continue to be the inseparable duo - there for each other.
Anu mishtatfim beh zaarchem
Warmest thoughts

Garry Stock

Rosette Mirjam (Landerer)
- December 13, 2017