Name: Peter Keeda (Cohen)
Married: Erica 1971 and went on Aliyah the following year. Lived in Arad and Omer for 32 years including a three year stint in Hong Kong as marketing manager for Dead Sea Works. Our three sons decided to live in Australia so in December 2003 we returned to Australia. We miss Israel a lot, particularly as in Oz there is nothing to complain about. Four grandkids.
Betar Years: 1962 Machon L’Madrichei Chul; Rosh Hanhagah Artzit 1966-67; in June 1967 went with group of Sydney Betarim to volunteer in Israel.
Current Betar Activities:: Weekly breakfast meeting in Sydney, bi-monthly dinner and in April 2015 nineteen of us had a reunion in Tel Aviv and Rosh Pina. Currently doing postgrad research on Betar in Europe.
Other Activities: Have gone back to classical guitar.
Contributed: 2015
Peter Keeda