Name: Shimon Addess - formerly known as Brian Addess
Married Married Ruth (nee Berkon)  z"l in 1960 in Australia. (Died 1994).  Remarried in 2001, in  Arad, Israel, to Helena.
Children and Grandchildren: Two children and 6 grandchildren all living in Israel.
Where I live (and how we got there): We came on Aliya in 1961 and moved to Arad in 1970.
What I do for a living: I have been working as a welding engineer and retired two years ago. I’m still active with the  Israeli Engineering Association and the Ministry of Labor furthering the education of people
associated with all levels of welding activities in Israel..
Betar History: I started off organizing activities in Betar Sydney Australia in 1954 and I have been organizing
things wherever and whenever necessary ever since. I was the main photographer of all the
activities of Sydney Betar, and have the photos and negatives of most of the occasions
between 1954 and 1961. {Camps and prep camps, dancing groups, hikes, meetings, group meetings, Knassim, parades etc.}
People in Betar in my time: To most of the faces I can’t put names anymore- unfortunately as I haven’t seen most of them for 40 years or more. Some of the people from that time are Larry & Bob Sitsky, Alf Van der Porten, Clive and Naomi Kessler, Miriam Deston, Henry Briggs, Sid Agranoff, Ronny Sekel, Ian Groden, Peter  Wagner, Irene Winkler, Tommy & Shlomo Traurig, Peter & Heather Cohen, Vera Beer, Danny Rosing, Bob Steinman, Henry Bishopverder, David Cuckierman, Shimshon & Leah Feder, Yosef Steiner, Jack Mirjam, Rosette Landerer, Theo Balberyszski…
People I keep in touch with: I’m still in contact with most of those Australian Betarim who came on Aliya from those years. I
still take lots of photographs and distribute them. That’s how I came to send so many pictures to the Betar Australia - A Personal History CDROM.
Please contact me: Email Aaron first who will get in touch with me.
... in 1954 at Crosslands Camp with  David Cukierman (right)
With only granddaughter

Shimon passed away December 29, 2012. This page is being retained as a memorial to him.
Shimon Addess
Contributed: 2004