Name: Sue Doobov - previously Sue Gans
Family: Married to Betari - Mervyn Doobov - in  Brisbane. Arrived in Israel 1998. Living in Jerusalem since 1998 after six months in Merkaz Klita in Ra'anana.Two children:   Ilana - married with three children living  in Modi'in. Arieh  lives in Jerusalem when not in the  FSU for his work for  JOINT.
Betar History: Was involved in the early days of Betar in Brisbane from about 1959.  Was the first to go to Machon LeMadrichei Ha'aretz from Betar in  Brisbane in 1961 - with Evie Katz (Skall).
Honours: Mervyn and I lived in Canberra for over 30 years prior to coming on  aliya. For our involvement in the Jewish community [in Australia] we were  awarded Medals ofthe Order of Australia which were presented to us at the Australian Embassy in Israel. Our family, along with the Rosings and Miriam Barasch (Gottlieb), were present. See this.
.after Tallebudgera,
Queensland camp, 1960
Back row (L to R): Arieh (son), Ilana Cohen
(daughter), Mervyn Doobov, Sue Doobov,
Ofer  Cohen (Ilana's husband)
Front row (L to R): Asahel, Ma'ayan, and
Yishai Cohen

Sue passed away August 5, 2012. This page is being retained as a memorial to her.
Sue Doobov
Contributed: 2004