Name: Esther Erlich (previously Eisikovich).
Family: Sister to Benzion z”l, Varda and Judy
Children: Nicole, aged 27, doing a PhD in neuroscience psychology
Ely, aged 25, finished engineering and law, made aliyah this year
Joshua, aged 25, becoming a rabbi
Who I remember: Avraham, Louis Devries, Tami, Aaron.
What I do now: I just did nursing at the age of 50 yrs finally doing what I always wanted to be. I work most weekends, 1.00pm to 9.00 pm.
Comments: Love looking at your site. Could tell some very naughty stories about camps.. but I won't; have
great memories of Sundays at St.Kilda Rd as well. I was very young of course - was about
13yrs old at the last camp I went to. Benzion was already married when I was 10yrs old, he was
11yrs older than me, so I love seeing the photos of him on the website when he was young.
Esther Erlich
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