Name: Liz Kornhaber (nee Lizzie Schneider)
Where I live and how I got there: Born in Zomba, Nyasaland (Malawi) March 1943 where my parents were interned for 6 years after getting out of Austria. Came to Australia late 1946
Grew up in Neutral Bay Sydney now I live in Killarney Heights, Sydney and Little Hartley (Blue Mountains) on a 3 and a half acre property and divide my time between both addresses.
Left Australia November 1964 for Europe and UK, spent 3 months working in England then 3 months traveling in Europe, back to England and worked 2 months - then went to Israel for 8 months. Back to England where I met Thomas Kornhaber, my future husband. Tom (who had never been to Australia was promoted within the Olivetti Company to National Marketing Manager (where else) but Australia. We arrived back 1970 with son Michael aged 2. In 1971 had a daughter Rachel. Thomas passed away Jan 1996. I now have 5 grandchildren.
Betar History: Joined in 1957 (the best thing I had ever done).
I was an only child living at Neutral Bay, growing up with just a few Jewish friends, going to the Great Synagogue Sunday School where Helen Meyer told me about Betar. There I met my lifelong friends many of whom I still see today.
Numerous camps, including, Commodore Heights, Woronora, Lake Macquarie, Narrabeen, weekend ones over seven years.
People I remember: Everyone Just a few - my best friend Judy Kovendi (Bahar) ,Keith Masnick Richard Sekel, Peter Keeda( Cohen) Heather and Danny, Sid Agranoff, Norman Sarajinsky, Michel Price (my first love) Miriam and Henry Briggs, Ed Adamek, Geoff Williamson, Ruth and Leon Ratner ,John Zeigler, Eddie Price, Anne Offner, Bernie Kresner, Clive Kessler, Jan Poddebsky, Roland Gridiger, Helen Meyer(now Chong), Henry Bish, Leo Regev (Rogovin), Les Reiss, David Newman, David Golomb, Veronica Hollander and many more.
Something Special: After 55 years many of us meet for Breakfast once a week and we carry on as we once did, chatting away as though it was 1958 and the guys still tease me about my big boobs…. I have many friends and acquaintances, but the Betar friends are special - and for life.
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Liz Kornhaber
Contributed: 2015