Name: Louis de Vries
Married to: Currently to Anna Rosner Blay, but previously to ex-Betari Tami Star
Children/grandchildren: Three children and seven grandchildren – five of the grandchildren thanks to the sterling effort of a son who is a Chabadnik
Where I Live: Melbourne
Occupation: Book publisher
Betar History: Years attended - 1956–66
Camps: Most camps 1956–66
Positions Held: Chanich, Madrich, Mefaked Melbourne
My Madrichim Henry Kranz, Alan Morris, Brian Rudzki
People I remember: Shimshon Feder, Jack Mirjam, Josef Steiner, plus a large number of contemporaries
Those I Keep in Contact With:: Aaron & Eve Ninedek, John Goldlust, Henry Burstyner, Harry Chojna, Avraham & Raymonde Appel, Anne Gouttmann, Raphy Star, Evie Katz (nee Skall), Albert Hiller, Ineke Klein, Ghislaine Rosmarin, etc. etc.

Anecdotes: At Ballarat Camp (1964) a group of us “kidnapped” Henry Burstyner, stripped him to his jocks, and released him in the wilds of Ballarat. He made sure we were picked up by the police, locked in the cells for an hour or two, and warned never to break the law again.
How I Came to Join: The inspirational, charismatic young Henry Krantz inspired me to quit Bnei Akiva and join Betar at Marriage Road, Brighton
Louis de Vries
Contributed: 2015