Name: Noni Gordon (Noni is sometimes spelled Nonny & that’s how it is pronounced).
Previous Name: Noni Ochert (most people in Betar never knew that my real name is Naomi).
Years in Betar: 1955 – 1969 (Brisbane)
1969 – 1971 (Melbourne).
Positions held: Madricha, Maskira, Mefakedet Qld.
Earlier life: Born and educated in Brisbane, moved to Melbourne in 1969 after marrying Joshua Reich, Betar Shaliach at that time. (Then we lived in a flat around the corner from the Dickens Street Elwood Maon).
Current marital status: Now married to Oded Gordon, not a Betari but his father was a Revisionist. Oded was deeply
moved by the massive Betar reunion in Melb. in 1992 and proposed that night!
Family: Daughter of Miriam (who cooked at many Betar camps) and Morris Ochert, better known as
Uncle Morry to Betarim & friends (who set-up, schlepped, repaired, and generally provided
enormous assistance for Betar Camps.)  Sister of David Ochert who was a Madrich in  the years after I left Brisbane. Mother of Ari (32), Alon (27), Nathan (25) & stepson Nimrod (21).
Grandmother of 4 gorgeous girls Cousin of Regina Wachtel (List)  z"l.
Peers in Betar: Have a look at the big Samford Valley camp photo on the CD-ROM.
My Madrichim: Included David Bennett, Sue Gans, Brian Grayson, Les Guralnek, Minky Fabian Marta  Grech.
Schlichim in my era: Gad Pedhazur, Chaim Golovesky z"l, Shim  Feder, Yerucham Yarden z"l, Yehoshua Reich.
Camps attended: Yearly Brisbane/Queensland winter camps from the age of 8, plus several Sydney camps and
one in Ballarat. Also attended several Knassim  In Melbourne & Sydney.
Memorable Shmira partners: Shall remain unnamed.
Current contacts: Avraham & Raymonde (Strzyg) Appel, Evie Katz (Skall), Aaron Ninedek, Eve Tauber,  Rachel & Eric Aufgang, Henry Burstyner, Shosh Janoshewitz, John Goldlust, Brian Rudzki, Anne & Raphy Star, Sam & Ruth Parasol, Tami & Louis De Vries, Anne (Lipski) & David Bennett, Gad Keeda (Peter Cohen), Lionel (Flapper) Bomzon, Henry Ben Ezra (Bishopverder).
Profession: Occupational Therapist, a career spanning 35 years  covering Rehabilitation, Gerontology,  Community Care, Management. (Many skills carried over from Betar). About to move into  Consultancy.
Interests: Israeli Folk Dancing 3 times a week plus dance camps & workshops. Have used dance in therapy by Choreographing dances and running workshops for wheelchair dancers. Photography…contributed a large number of photos to Betar CD-ROM.
Comments: The CD-ROM & Website are marvelous for nostalgia lovers like myself. Very cleverly & professionally done, thanks to Harry, John & Aaron.
... at Israel's 12th Yom Ha'atzmaut, Brisbane 1960
... with Oded
Noni Gordon
Contributed: 2003