Name: Rosette Mirjam nee Landerer
Born: January 1936
My story: We arrived in Australia in 1952. My mother immediately enrolled me into the Presbyterian Ladies College to receive a proper education.
The next step was to enter Jewish life in Australia. So she brought me to the Zionist offices at 77 Bourke St. Melbourne.
On entry, she approached some young people to enquire about joining a Jewish youth movement. They actually laughed at her garbled attempt to speak a broken English. At that moment she heard someone speak to her in clear German. She turned and was pleasantly surprised to see a tall handsome young man who addressed her politely in a language she understood. She accompanied him to the office of Betar. The rest is history.
She enrolled me to the coming Betar camp to be held in the Blue Mountains NSW. As I didn't know any English my introduction to the group was difficult but thanks to the leaders finding someone who was able to speak in French I gradually entered into the spirit of activities.
Eventually I entered the movement and later on was able to lead a group at Herzl Hall in Carlton.
In 1958 I married Jack Mirjam.
In 1974 we made Aliya.
I am blessed with 3 lovely daughters Bambi, Michelle and Ilana.
And 7 gorgeous grandchildren,  Natalie, Sagi, Eran, Maya, Inbal, Noa and Yarden.
I feel lucky to have many close friends from Betar Australia and also here in Israel.

In 1955
Rosette Mirjam

Rosette passed away December 13, 2017. This page is being retained as a memorial to her.
Contributed: 2015